Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Scheduling Blog Posts

Scheduling blog posts allows you to time your posts to appear exactly when you want students to see them for the first time. In the video below I give the example of scheduling my end-of-day student survey to appear at 3:15pm. Scheduling posts is a great option for those who don’t think that they have time to write a blog post every day.  You can  take advantage of scheduling by writing posts in blocks and then spreading them throughout the week. 

Here are this week’s most popular posts from Free Technology for Teachers:

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2. Five Good Resources for Teaching Digital Safety and Citizenship to Elementary School Students 
3. WordWriter – A New Way of Learning Vocabulary Through Writing
4. Two Ways to Explore the News Through Maps 
5. A Round-up of This Summer’s Google Drive, Apps, and Maps Updates 
6. Thinking Blocks – Model Math Problems on iPads, Interactive Whiteboards, and in Your Browser 
7. The NY Times Replica Edition – Free for K-12 Classrooms 

Learn more Blogger and Kidblog tips and tricks along with strategies for using blogs in your classroom in my Practical Ed Tech course, Blogs and Social Media for Teachers and School Leaders.

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