Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Two Good Tools for Scheduling Parent-Teacher Conferences

We’re now at the part of the school year in which many schools are hosting parent-teacher conferences. Of course, every teacher knows that this won’t be the only time that they meet with students’ parents. When you need to schedule meetings instead of having a school secretary handle it, try Bloomz or Doodle.

Bloomz has many features for communicating with parents. My favorite feature is the conference scheduling too. In my Bloomz account, as the teacher I can set days and times that I will be available for conferences with parents and students. Anyone who is following the class (again, they have to be invited to follow) can see the times that I have available and select one of my appointment slots. I can set the length of time for each appointment slot, the number of slots per day, and the days on which I will be available. Once an appointment slot has been claimed no one else can claim it and I don’t have to worry about being double-booked.

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Doodle provides an easier way than using email chains to choose mutually acceptable meeting times. Doodle is essentially a polling platform for selecting meeting times. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how easy it is to use

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