Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Try TurboNote for Taking Notes While Watching Videos

TurboNote is a great Chrome extension that enables you to take notes while watching a video in the same web browser window. What makes TurboNote different from similar services is that it is not limited to just YouTube videos. In addition to YouTube TurboNote can be used on Vimeo, Netflix, and Facebook videos.

With the TurboNote extension installed you can take notes while watching any video. To take notes just tap the TurboNote extension icon in your browser and a menu for taking notes appears. Any notes that you type are automatically time-stamped. You can go back and edit your notes at any time by opening the TurboNote sticky notes option as seen in the video below. All notes can be shared via social media and email. TurboNote could be a great extension for students to use to write questions that pop into their minds while they are watching a video that you’ve assigned to them or that they have found on their own. They could then share those questions with you and or their classmates. I would have students share their questions with me then research the answers and share those with me too.

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