Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Quick Key Helps You Give Feedback Faster

Conducting formative assessments is a key component in gauging our students’ understanding of the topics that we teach. Gathering the results of those assessments, analyzing the results, and giving students feedback quickly can help us improve our lesson plans for future class meetings. Quick Key is a tool that can help us create, analyze, and distribute formative assessment feedback quickly. Quick Key utilizes the camera on your Android phone or iPhone to help you quickly grade a series of quizzes. Essentially, Quick Key acts as a scanner for the multiple choice and true/ false answer sheets that your students complete. When Quick Key launched a few year ago that was all it could do. Over the years it has improved to offer a bunch of other options including Quick Key 1:1 .

Quick Key’s 1-to-1 option lets you have your students take quizzes online and lets you grade them online. The great thing about Quick Key 1-to-1 is that it’s not an all-or-nothing situation for you. You can use the same quizzes and answer keys for online quizzes as you do for printed quizzes that students complete on printed Quick Key answer sheets. So if you have some students that would prefer a paper option to a digital option, Quick Key can accommodate both options on the same quiz.

Watch the video below to see how quickly you can score formative assessments with Quick Key.

60Q ScreenCast from Quick Key on Vimeo.

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