Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Try Know Recorder for Creating Video Lessons

Know Recorder is a free app for creating whiteboard-style videos on iPads and Android tablets. The free app will let you record yourself speaking while drawing on your tablet. Your video can have multiple pages which is a nice feature when you want to give a multiple step demonstration without having to erase anything. Know Recorder will let you import PDFs and pictures to display and annotate on screen in your instructional video. Completed videos can be saved to your device’s camera roll or exported directly to YouTube.

Know Lounge is the companion website to Know Recorder. Know Lounge is place where you can share video lessons. Know Lounge also has a free tool for hosting online tutoring sessions. Watch my video embedded below to learn how to use Know Lounge.

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To Geography and Beyond With Google Maps is this week’s Wednesday Webinar. In this webinar you will learn how to use Google Maps in a variety of subject areas. Register here. Five things you can learn in the webinar:

1. How to create multimedia maps.
2. How to easily map spreadsheet data.
3. How to collaborate on the construction maps.
4. How to tell stories with maps.
5. Alternatives to Google Maps for students who don’t have Google Accounts.

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