Classroom Blog Jumpstart

Whether you’ve never tried using a blog in your classroom or you’ve tried it before and it didn’t work out like you hoped, this course is for you.

Blogging isn’t new and it isn’t as flashy as say iPads in the classroom, but it is a very valuable activity for students, teachers, and school leaders. In fact, I think that too often it is under-utilized by teachers. One cause that under-utilization is due in part to not having a clear strategy for implementation. Another reason for under-utilization of blogs is a lack of understanding of just how many ways blogs can be used by students, teachers, and school leaders. I developed this course to address all of those issues and help teachers develop a better understanding of the many ways they can use blogs in their classrooms.

In this three part event you will learn:
*How to use Blogger and WordPress. Dive into features many people overlook.
*Determine which blogging platform is best for you and your students.
*Learn valuable strategies for engaging students and parents through blogs and social media.


This three week event is happening on January 11th, 18th, and 25th at 7pm Eastern Time.

***********All sessions are recorded.************

I usually charge $97 for a course like this one. As a New Year’s promotion it costs only $75 if you register before January 6th. Use the discount code “NewYear” to receive the discount.

Space is limited. Click here to register today!