Fun Formative Assessments

As good teachers know, gauging your students’ understanding of the topics you teach is a process that involves discussion, a bit of intuition, and some formative assessment activities. In this webinar you will learn how to use free tech tools to create and conduct fun, engaging, and informative formative assessments. Whether you teach elementary school, middle school, or high school, you will come away from this webinar with fun formative assessment activities that you can do tomorrow.

Fun Formative Assessments addresses the needs of teachers who don’t have computers or tablets for every student. And teachers who do have laptops, Chromebooks, or tablets for every student will learn some new ways to have students use those too.

Fun Formative Assessments was held live on January 11th at 4pm Eastern Time. Now available on demand. Click here to access the webinar and handout.

Missed the live session? A recording and handout is available on demand.

Five Things You Can Learn In This Webinar:
What makes a formative assessment valuable to you while also fun for students.
How to create fun formative assessments for classrooms that aren’t 1:1.
Why you should leverage students’ picture-taking habits for formative assessment.
Development of engaging formative assessment activities that use a variety of question formats.
How to include students in the creation of formative assessments.

Access the webinar on demand

This live webinar was held on January 11th at 4pm EST.

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