To Geography and Beyond With Google Maps

When we hear “Google Maps” we often think that it is only useful for social studies lessons. In addition to social studies Google Maps can be used in physical education, mathematics, science, and language arts lessons. In this webinar you will learn how to use Google Maps in a variety of subject areas. Download on demand here for just $12.

This webinar was be held on February 8th at 4pm Eastern Time. It can now be downloaded on demand. Check out the  for more webinar recordings.

Five things you can learn in this webinar:
1. How to create multimedia maps.
2. How to easily map spreadsheet data.
3. How to collaborate on the construction maps.
4. How to tell stories with maps.
5. Alternatives to Google Maps for students who don’t have Google Accounts.

Download the webinar recording here.

Here’s what people are saying about my webinars.

Thank you for a most informative and practical webinar this afternoon. Although I knew many (not all) of the points you were making, the way that you presented them offered new perspectives on how to use the strategies and I felt that your use of examples added to my knowledge base. Although I receive information from FreeTech4Teachers via email, twitter, and Facebook, I have never “attended” one of your webinars. After today, that will change. Thank your for the best hour of my day today! – Barbara O’Berry

I’d take another course from you anytime. You are very knowledgeable, and your experience in the classroom “makes it real.”

Thanks so much,