YouTube, It’s Not Just Cats & Khan Academy

youtube-1158693_960_720 (1)There is a lot more to YouTube than meets the eye. Sure, you can search for educational videos to share with your students. But did you know that you can have students search and share their findings with you? Or that you and your favorite colleagues can collaborate to create a master playlist of educational videos for your students?

YouTube has a slew of frequently overlooked video creation and editing tools built into it. Those tools make YouTube a better educational tool than meets the eye. You can use these tools to protect students’ privacy, to create choose-your-own-adventure videos, to make slow motion videos, or to just make your videos look a little bit better. All of those things and more will be covered in this webinar.

This webinar is now available on demand.

In this webinar you will learn:
1. How to better refine searches and collaboratively create playlists.
2. How to protect student privacy when using YouTube.
3. How to make an interactive series of videos in YouTube.
4. How to make your video stand-out from a crowd of search results.
5. How to organize your YouTube channel.

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This live webinar was held on December 21st at 4pm EST.

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