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Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Formatting Tables in Google Docs & Slides

The table tool is one of the Google Docs tools that tends to get overlooked. It’s a useful tool for quickly creating charts within a document. I have long used it to give organization to group notes during jigsaw reading activities. I do that by creating a table in a Google Document then assigning a block or set of blocks to each student taking notes in a shared document. With older students, I let them create the chart and manage the notes themselves.

Table Formatter is a free Google Docs Add-on that lets you add a little color to your tables in Google Docs. With the Add-on installed simply choose a color scheme from the menu and choose the size of your table. You can mix and math color schemes within the same document.

You can also format tables in Google Slides. There isn’t an Add-on for formatting tables in Google Slides, but it is rather easy to do. In the video embedded below I demonstrate how to format tables in Google Slides.

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