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Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Use JoeZoo to Save Time Grading in Google Docs

Add-ons to Google Documents, Forms, and Sheets can help you streamline processes and free you up to do other things like spending more time meeting with your students one-on-one. One Google Docs Add-on that can streamline your grading process is JoeZoo Express. JoeZoo Express is a Google Documents Add-on that can save you a ton of time when you are grading or editing your students’ writing in Google Documents. The way that JoeZoo Express does that is by providing you with the ability to store canned comments to insert directly in your students’ work. Not only that, JoeZoo Express includes an option for linking to tutorials that can help your students improve their writing. Watch my short video embedded below to see how JoeZoo Express make your grading process much more efficient.

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