5 PD Webinars Available on Demand

Throughout the school year I offer a number of live professional development webinars. The scheduling of those webinars doesn’t work for everyone so I also offer them as on-demand webinar. You can access any of my latest webinars through the links below.

Search Strategies Students Need to Know
In Search Strategies Students Need to Know you will learn why informational searches are the hardest types of Internet searches for students to conduct. You will learn how to help students break-down complex search topics into manageable pieces then put the whole picture together. You’ll learn how to help your students save students tons of time by thinking before searching. And you’ll how to develop instructional search challenge activities to use with students of any age. You can purchase this webinar on demand for $15 by clicking here.

Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners
In this webinar you will everything you need to know to get started using Google Forms and Google Sheets to streamline your workflow in grading quizzes, emailing parents and students, and keeping track of classroom materials. You will also learn how to build self-guided video review activities for your students. Google Forms and Sheets can complete all kinds of tasks for you, if you know how to use them. Once you’ve learned the basics of Google Forms and Google Sheets you will be amazed at how these powerful tools can streamline processes for you. Those streamlined processes can free up lots of time for you to spend on the fun aspects of teaching. This webinar has been updated to include all of the latest features of Google Forms. Click here to purchase this webinar for $15.

Keeping Track With Google Keep, Calendar, and Classroom
This webinar is designed to help you and your students keep track of assignments, appointments, and daily tasks. In this webinar you will learn: How to streamline your workflow through Google Classroom. How to organize and share resources with students. How to keep track of goals (yours and your students’) through Google Keep and Calendar. How to manage multiple course calendars without losing your mind. How to streamline meetings and meeting scheduling. Click here to purchase this webinar for $15.

Quick & Powerful Video Projects
When students create projects that are only shared in the classroom, they’ll settle for good enough. As my friend Rushton Hurley often says, when students create videos that are shared with a global audience, they’ll only settle for the best. In this webinar you will learn how to use the tools you will need to conduct video creation projects in your classroom. Examples from real students and teachers will be shared during the webinar. 1. How to plan a video project that will engage your students. 2. How to safely share videos in K-12 environments. 3. Discover and use public domain and Creative Common licensed media. 4. How to build a classroom media gallery. 5. Ideas for assessing students’ videos. You can download this webinar for just $15.

Winning Blog Strategies for Teachers
Based on ten years of blogging professionally and personally, Winning Blog Strategies for Teachers is an interactive webinar in which we will look at the reasons why so many blogs don’t last long and what you can do to make yours work better than ever. Whether blogging is a classroom activity that you do with students or a personal activity that you’re doing to enhance your professional life, you’ll learn strategies to make your blog a winner. Click here to purchase this webinar for just $15.

Nice Things People Have Said About My Webinars

Thank you for a most informative and practical webinar this afternoon. Although I knew many (not all) of the points you were making, the way that you presented them offered new perspectives on how to use the strategies and I felt that your use of examples added to my knowledge base. Although I receive information from FreeTech4Teachers via email, twitter, and Facebook, I have never “attended” one of your webinars. After today, that will change. Thank your for the best hour of my day today! – Barbara O’Berry

Hi Richard, Thanks again for training. I’m starting to feel comfortable with the basics at least and as I continue using the platform, I’m sure I will catch on even quicker. When you get a chance, could I get a certificate of the hours? Thanks, my instructional technology license requires the PD hours. Thanks again, and I’m sure I will be taking another training with you.
K. O’Leary

I’d take another course from you anytime. You are very knowledgeable, and your experience in the classroom “makes it real.” Thanks so much,

Again, thank you very much for this wonderful course. I will have to train teachers in the coming year and this will be very useful.It was a very enjoyable experience and I will be on the look for more training opportunities from you.
S. Landete