Four Professional Development Webinars in August

Judging by social media some of us are excited about back-to-school season and some of us are holding to summer as long as possible. I love back-to-school season because it’s a time full of hope for doing new things in the new school year. If you’re thinking about doing new things in the new school year, consider joining me for a professional development webinar this month.

In August I’m hosting four professional development webinars that will provide you with ideas for new and practical ways to use technology in your classroom. Each webinar will be live on Thursdays at 4pm ET. The live webinars will be recorded for those who register but cannot attend the broadcast.

Get Organized With Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep

In this webinar on August 8th you’ll learn how to use these tools to keep track of tasks and assignments. You’ll also see how you can use these tools to complete routine tasks more efficiently. This webinar is intended for those who are new to using Google Classroom, Google Calendar, and Google Keep. It’s also a good refresher for those who haven’t used Classroom, Calendar, or Keep in a while and want to see what’s new and helpful. Register here.

Intro to Animation and Green Screen Videos

In this webinar on August 15th you’ll learn everything you need to know to get started making animated videos and green screen videos in your classroom. You can use the principles demonstrated in this webinar to create engaging video projects for students of all ages. In the webinar you’ll see how you can make animated videos and green screen videos using iPads, Chromebooks, Windows, and Mac. Register here.

Search Strategies Students Need to Know Now

Join this webinar on August 22nd to start the new school year with a refresher on the search strategies that students need to know how to use to get beyond the first page of Google search results. If you have ever had a student declare, “Google has nothing about this!” you need to join this webinar. Learn more and register here.

Intro to Using AR & VR in Your Classroom

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are exciting technologies that can be used to create engaging, memorable learning experiences for our students.  In this webinar, updated for the new school year, you will learn how you can get started using augmented reality and virtual reality in your classroom. Learn more and register here.