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How to Use Presenter Coach as a Google Slides User

Presenter Coach is a great service that is available in the online version of PowerPoint. It gives students instant feedback on the pacing of their presentations, their use of filler words like “umm,” and it tells them if they’re spending too much time reading from their slides instead of speaking. Here’s my video about how it works.

Google Slides Users Can Use Presenter Coach

As I mentioned in the video above, it is possible for anyone who has an email address to use Presenter Coach. To do that you just need to go to PowerPoint.com then create a free Microsoft account. That will give you access to the online version of PowerPoint where you can then upload any existing set of slides that you have on your computer.

If you use Google Slides to create your presentations, export your slides as a PPTX file, save it to your desktop, then upload it to your online PowerPoint account. Watch this video that I made to see how easy this process is to complete.