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A Great Way to Quickly Turn Notes and Webpages Into Review Activities

Last summer I tried a new service called Knowt for making practice activities. At that time it would take your notes and turn them into multiple choice quizzes. Last week I revisited Knowt before recommending it to a student. It still turns notes into quizzes, but now it also accepts importing files including Google Docs and webpages.

Knowt takes the notes that you write in an online notebook and turns them into practice quizzes for you. Your notes can be written directly in Knowt or imported from Google Drive, from a document stored on your computer, or from any public webpage.

Practice quizzes created in Knowt use a mix of multiple choice, matching, and fill-in-the-blank questions. Instant feedback is provided as soon as you submit an answer to a question. At the end of the quiz you can review all questions and their correct answers. You can take the quiz again or have a new practice quiz generated for you.

As of right now Knowt doesn’t have a way to share quiz activities. So it’s mostly a tool for students to use on their own. Soon that will change as Knowt has announced a public beta of a teaching tool that will let you share practice activities with students.

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