Two Ways to Create Random Name, Image, and Story Prompt Selectors

There are lots of neat things that you can do with Google Sheets if you know how to get started. Getting started is often the hardest part. Fortunately, there are sites like Flippity that offer great Google Sheets templates that are easy to follow.

Two of the templates that Flippity offers are a random story starter and a random name selector. Both of these can be used for more than what you might think from their titles.

Flippity’s Randomizer template can be used to create story starters and random groupings of names. Flippity’s Random Name picker lets you create a random name picker. Both of these templates can be used for text-based selections as well as image-based selections. In both cases simply head to, make a copy of the templates, and then fill in the templates with the names, words, or pictures that you want to have included in your random selection database.

A demo of Flippity’s Randomizer template can be seen here.

 A demo of the Random Name Picker can be watched here.