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Knowt Turns Documents Into Quizzes & Flashcards

Last year I started using a service called Knowt to turn documents and webpages into flashcards and practice quiz activities. It was great except there wasn’t an easy way to share those flashcards and quizzes with students. That changed a few weeks ago when Knowt launched a free teacher platform.

Knowt’s teacher platform enables you to turn documents into flashcards and quizzes to share with your students in an online classroom. You can create online classrooms in Knowt by importing Google Classroom rosters or by generating class codes to share with your students. Within your online classroom you can give students graded and ungraded quizzes.

To create activities in Knowt you can write in Knowt’s document editor, enter the URL of a webpage, or import your existing documents. Knowt supports importing Google Docs, Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoint, and Google Slides. Once you’ve imported or created a document Knowt will automatically generate a set of flashcards based on the document. It will also let you choose to have a quiz automatically generated from your document. You can choose the type of questions that you want to have created. Question types include multiple choice, true/false, matching, sequencing, and fill-in-the-blank.

My one criticism of Knowt is that it seems to struggle when a document doesn’t have headings or is just a big block of text without any formatting. Other than that, I really like the service and plan to use it more to generate practice activities for my high school students.

Here’s my video overview of how Knowt’s teacher platform works.

Two On-demand PD Opportunities

I currently offer two on-demand professional development opportunities. Ten Search Strategies Students Need to Know covers search techniques and methods for teaching them to students of all ages. A Crash Course in Making & Teaching With Video covers everything you need to know to make effective instructional videos and how to make sure your students actually watch those videos.