A Fun iPad App to Help Kids Learn About Money

A couple of years ago I brought home from London a couple of little Paddington Bear telephone booth “piggy banks” for my daughters. I put a few coins in them and placed the banks on the shelf. Fast forward a couple of years and my daughters are now interested in learning about money. That reminded me of an app that I have on my iPad that’s intended to help kids learn about money.

Money Math Duel is an iPad app designed to help students learn to count currency. The app is unique in that it allows two students to use it at the same time. Students place the iPad between them and each has his or her own end of the screen to use. Students “compete” head-to-head to count money quickly and accurately. The app gives students different amounts to count so that they can’t copy each other’s work. The app also lets students adjust individual settings to change colors and default currency denominations. 

Money Math Duel could be a good app to use in an elementary school math lesson on addition and subtraction of money.