Common Craft Adds a New Way to Share Their Videos

If you’ve been following my blog or newsletter for a while, you probably know that I’m a big fan of Common Craft and the work of Lee and Sachi LeFever. That’s due in part to their high level of responsiveness to teachers’ requests and suggestions. The latest example of that is found in Common Craft adding a new and easier way to share their videos in your LMS.

Common Craft members who log into their accounts today will notice a new sharing option below each video. The new option simply says “link.” Click on “link” to get a URL that you can post in Google Classroom, Canvas, or any other learning management system.

Remember, Common Craft videos are licensed videos.

It’s important to note that Common Craft videos are licensed videos and aren’t intended for sharing on social media or public-facing websites without permission. Common Craft members get the benefit of video transcripts, captions, and lesson plans.

On a related note, if you like Common Craft videos and want to have your students create videos in the same style, try the method that I have outlined in this tutorial.

To learn more about making instructional videos, check out my self-paced course titled A Crash Course in Making & Teaching With Video.

Disclosure: I have a long-standing, in-kind relationship with Common Craft.