How to Make and Share Google Jamboard Templates

Google’s Jamboard is one of my go-to tools for online instruction. I find it is easier to use for synchronous collaboration than Zoom’s whiteboard. And it can be used for asynchronous collaboration. Furthermore, I can create a template for my students in advance of a class and then share it with them to use during and or after an online class.

Making a template in Jamboard is an easy thing to do. The first step is to create a Jamboard just like you normally would by going to jamboard.google.com then clicking the “new” icon. Then create your Jamboard with the drawings, images, text, and icons that you like. Finally, share your Jamboard in Google Classroom by creating an assignment then selecting “make a copy for each student.” All of those steps are outlined in the following short video.

Share Jamboard Templates Without Google Classroom

If you’ve created a great Jamboard template that your colleagues want to use, you can share it with them without using Google Classroom. To do that simply click the “share” button in the upper-right corner of your Jamboard and then choose the option for “anyone with the link can view.” Those who have the link can then make a copy of the Jamboard in their own Google Drives. That process is demonstrated at the 5:25 mark of the video above.