Host Live Q&A With Canva Live Presentations

Recently, Canva added a new question and answer feature to their presentation tool. For years you’ve been able to design, share, and present slides from your Canva account. Now you when you use it to give a presentation you can also enable “Canva Live.”

Canva Live lets your audience respond to your questions and ask questions of their own while you’re presenting your slides. Your audience can do this by simply going to Canva.Live on their phones or laptops then entering the code that you display on your slides. I made this short video to show how Canva Live works.

Canva.Live should make it easier for those of us who use Canva to design and give presentations to gather feedback and questions from an audience. I can see Canva.Live being useful in a classroom setting to have students submit questions during a lesson which you can then answer at the end or during a planned break.