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Build Your First Google Site With the Help of These Tutorials

After years of saying that support for the old version of Google Sites would be ending “soon,” this week Google sent a notice to domain administrators that on May 15th the option to use the old version will be disabled. And by the end of the year all support for the old version will be gone. If this announcement affects you and you’re wondering what you can do with the new version of Google Sites, I have a bunch of tutorials for you.

Identify the Version of Google Sites You’re Using

If you’re not sure which version of Google Sites you’re using, there is an easy way to figure it out. Just look for “Back to Classic Sites” in the bottom-left corner of sites.google.com. If you see that notice, you’re using the current version.

How to Transition from Old Google Sites to New Google Sites

Rather than starting over from scratch, you can transition your existing site into the new version of Google Sites. It should be noted that some features of classic Google Sites aren’t supported in the current version. Watch this video for more information

How to Build Your First Google Site

The process of building a website is a lot more streamlined in the current version of Google Sites compared to the classic version. This seven minute video shows you everything you need to know to build your first website with Google Sites.

How to Use Templates and Banners in Google Sites

Banners make it easy to draw attention to an important announcement on your Google Site. Templates speed up the process of developing a new site and or having students follow a format that you prescribe. Here’s an overview of those features.

Enable Collaboration on Google Sites

One of the best features of Google Sites is the ease with which you can invite other people, including your students to collaborate on the development of a website. Google Workspaces users can even send collaboration invitations through Google Classroom.

Customize the Navigation Appearance in Google Sites

Google Sites has a lot of “hidden” appearance customization options. Some of those options include changing how the navigation buttons appear on your site. Watch this two minute video to see how to customize navigation on Google Sites.

How to Use Videos in Google Sites

Include videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or your Google Drive account in the pages of your Google Sites. Here’s how to do that.

Avoid This Common Google Sites Mistake

Google Sites makes it easy to include videos, pictures, documents, slides, and sheets from your Google Drive account in the pages of your Google Sites. However, visitors to your site won’t be able to see those files if you don’t change the permissions on those files. Watch this video to learn how to avoid that common mistake.

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