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My Favorite “Hidden” Features of Google Workspaces and Office 365

I write a lot about Google Workspaces because I get asked about it a lot and because I work in a school that uses it. I also use Office 365 products quite a bit in my work outside of my classroom.

There are some things about Office 365 tools that I prefer over their Google equivalents. Likewise, there are some things about Google Workspaces tools that I prefer to their Office 365 rivals. This evening I’d like to share my favorite “hidden” features of Google Workspaces and Office 365 tools.

All of the following features are demonstrated sequentially in the videos that are linked below each list.

My favorite “hidden” Google Workspaces features:

  • Google Docs: docs.new
  • Google Slides: specify video start and stop time
  • Google Forms: set default point value
  • Google Sheets: apply a theme
  • Google Meet: blur your background
  • Google Classroom: copy an entire class
  • Google Jamboard: duplicating objects
  • Google Drawings: hyperlink elements of a published drawing
  • Gmail: schedule sending of messages
  • Google Keep: set reminders based on time and place

See the features listed above in action in this video.

My favorite “hidden” Office 365 features:

  • Word: Image insert with Pexels add-in.
    • Video insert and playback.
  • PowerPoint: Presenter coach
  • Forms: Open and close dates
  • OneNote: Save articles without annoying advertising pop-ups.
  • OneDrive: Share files with an expiration date and password.
  • Teams: Export Whiteboard Drawings as PNG
  • Excel: Analyze Data
  • Outlook: Schedule sending.
    • Message encryption/ preventing forwarding.
  • To Do: Add multiple steps within a task.

See the features listed above in action in this video.

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