New Lesson Plan Ideas for All Teachers

The turning of the calendar from July to August always flips a mental switch that says to me, “it’s time to start thinking about new things to try this fall.”

Jumping into a webinar or attending a conference can provide you with some new lesson plan ideas. A good ol’ Google search can help. But I also like to look at resource and strategy banks for new-to-me ideas to try when in the new school year. On that note, here are some good places to look for new-to-you lesson plan ideas to try in the new school year.

OER Commons has been one of my go-to resources for new-to-me lesson plan ideas for more than a decade. On OER Commons you will find thousands of lessons organized by content area, material type, grade level, and standard. Here’s a short overview of how to conduct a basic search and an advanced search on OER Commons.

TARA Teachers is a new company that provides an online organizer for teachers. One component of TARA Teachers is a strategy resource bank that you can use to find new strategies and templates for teaching a wide range of topics. Here’s a brief video demo of using the strategy resource bank on TARA Teachers. (Disclosure: TARA is currently an advertiser on FreeTech4Teachers.com).

The CK-12 Foundation is probably best known for its Flexbooks initiative. Within the Flexbooks you’ll find lesson plans for teaching everything from a third grade lesson about forces to geometry lessons to digital photography instruction.

I’ve long said that if I were ever to go back and get a different certification, I’d pursue a physical education certification. That probably explains why I appreciate the work of OPEN (Open Physical Education Network). OPEN offers lots of free physical education lesson plans for all grade levels.

50 Ideas for Short Workshops

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