Free Clipart You Can Customize for Classroom Projects

People who are enrolled in my Animated Explanations course this month have already learned that CoCoMaterial is one of my favorite new places to find free clipart drawings to use in classroom projects.

CocoMaterial is an online library of nearly 2,500 clipart drawings that you can download and re-use for free. Unlike some similar sites, CocoMaterial doesn’t offer anything but drawings and doesn’t litter the search results page with advertisements for other images that you have to purchase.

One of the people participating in my Animated Explanations course, Sarah G, pointed out that the drawings in CoCoMaterial can be customized before you download them. You can change the color of the outline of the drawing, change the fill color of the drawing, and choose the size of the drawing that you download.

How to Use It

In this brief video I demonstrate how you can use CoCoMaterial to find, customize, and download free clipart to use in your multimedia projects.

More Clipart Options

One of last week’s most popular posts on was about ClipArt ETC that provides more than 70,000 pieces of clipart for classroom use. It’s a very different style of collection than what’s found on CoCoMaterial.

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