Best of the Web 2022

Last week I hosted a free webinar in which I featured my favorite new ed tech tools released over the last year and some old favorites that had significant updates in 2022. So many people have asked for copies of the slides that I’ve decided to make them available to everyone.

I used Canva to create the slides that I used in my Best of the Web 2022 webinar. You can view the slides here as a simple Canva website. To make the slides a bit more helpful than just a list of my favorite tools, I’ve included video tutorials for each tool mentioned in the slides. All of those tutorials can also be found on my YouTube channel.

Take a look through the slides this week. If you have questions about any of the sites or apps included in the slides or you want to suggest something that I should have included, please feel free to email me.

Best of the Web 2022 by richardbyrne

Create & Sell Your Own Digital Products in 2023!

For more than a decade I’ve been making and selling my own digital products without the use of TPT. If you’ve been considering doing the same in the new year, join me this Wednesday when I host a webinar titled How to Create & Sell Your Own Digital Products.

50 Tech Tuesday Tips

50 Tech Tuesday Tips is an eBook that I created with busy tech coaches, tech support staff, and media specialists in mind. In it you’ll find 50 ideas and tutorials that you can use as the basis of your own short PD sessions.