Annotating Artificial Intelligence

A few weeks ago I attended a webinar hosted by Dr. Gary Stager. At one point in the webinar the discussion turned to identifying flaws in lists made by AI tools like ChatGPT.

Thinking about the conversation in Gary’s webinar combined with the recently introduced export-to-docs feature of Google Bard inspired this post.

The concern that I hear expressed the most about tools like Google Bard and ChatGPT is about the accuracy of the information displayed. My response is to turn that concern into a teaching opportunity.

One way to turn concerns about the accuracy of information displayed by AI tools is to create an annotation activity for your students. Take the results of a chat in Bard or ChatGPT and put them into a Google Doc or Word Doc that you have your students annotate.

Some of the annotations I might have students add include identifying flaws, verifying claims, and making suggestions for improvement.

The process of annotating ChatGPT results and Google Bard results are demonstrated in the videos listed below:

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