Digital Housekeeping, You Can Take It With You

The end of the school year is here or near for most of us. If you’re already on vacation, I hope you’re enjoying it!

Around this time every year I get emails from readers who are leaving one school district for another and want to know how to take some of their digital files with them. Fortunately, if your current employer allows you to do it, taking your digital files with you is fairly easy to do.

Exporting and Saving Google Workspace Files

Through Google Takeout you can download the data and files that you have in your Google account. This information can include things in your Google Drive, Google Keep, Google Earth, and all of the other Google services you may have used with a school-issued Google account. In this video I demonstrate how to use Google Takeout.

If you only want or need a handful of files, there is an easier option than using Google Takeout. That option is to simply download the individual files in your Google Drive account that you want to save.

In this short video I demonstrate how to download documents and slides from your Google Drive, store them on a computer, and then reuse them in a different Google account.

Exporting OneNote and OneDrive

Office 365 users can download files and folders stored in OneDrive. To do that simply hover your cursor over a file’s or a folder’s name then click the “…” that appears to download the file or folder.

OneNote notebooks can also be downloaded in a similar manner. You can download a notebook by right-clicking on its title and then choosing “export.”

This video that I recorded last Friday shows you how to download OneDrive folders and OneNote notebooks.

Moving Between Microsoft and Google Environments

Should you find yourself moving from a Google Workspace environment to a Microsoft environment, this tutorial will show you how to make that transition. And if you’re going from a Microsoft environment to a Google Workspace environment, this tutorial can help you make that switch.

Self-paced Courses You Can Start Today

I have three self-paced courses that you can start today and finish at your own pace.