Creating Comics for Comfort

This week I was going to just write about Halloween and how to create comic strips in Canva. Here’s the video about how to do that. But last week was a very difficult week here in Maine, so it felt more appropriate to share an SEL resource.

On Monday morning my daughters’ school and most others opened late so that staff could meet with crisis counselors. In short, there is a lot of processing to do. As I thought about my daughters’ teachers and all of the elementary school teachers I know, I remembered a great resource from Make Beliefs Comix.

Make Beliefs Comix offers a library of fantastic, free ebooks for SEL. The library hosted by Make Beliefs Comix contains fillable PDFs that you can download for free. The latest addition to that library is 50+ Ways to Talk to Yourself and Find Healing. And for something a bit lighter, take a look at Pet Words: Conversations With Your Animal Friends.

Here’s a video overview of the Make Beliefs Comix ebooks and here’s one about how to create comic strips on the Make Beliefs Comix website.

Here are some tutorial videos I made last week:

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If you’re going trick o’ treating tonight, I hope you have fun and get to see The Great Pumpkin! By the way, this cereal was terrible, but the marketing was great.