Welcome to the on-demand component of the professional development program offered by Richard Byrne and CACE. There are two tracks that you can complete at your own pace. These tracks are the building blocks for the live webinars that will be held later in the second half of July and in August.

Track 1 covers Google Meet and Zoom basics and Google Classroom set-up and administration. Click here to start track one.

Track 2 provides in-depth tutorials on using Google Forms, Gmail and Google Calendar workflow, and how to create instructional videos. Click here to start track two.

July Live Webinars:

  • July 14th 3pm-4:15pm  Online Worksheets and Online Quiz Activities
  • July 16th 3pm-4:15pm  Structuring online instruction (synchronous and asynchronous)  
  • July 21st 3pm-4:15pm  Digital Portfolios and Resource Organization
  • July 23rd 3pm-4:15pm Strategies for improving online participation. Strategies for parent engagement. 

August Live Webinars:


After you have gone through the materials you can request your certificate here. It will be emailed to you within a few minutes of completion of the request form.