Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Use Flubaroo to Share & Print Automatically Graded Quizzes

Last week two great features were added to Flubaroo, a popular Google Sheets Add-on. Flubaroo enables you to quickly grade all of your students responses to quizzes that you deliver through Google Forms. The newest features allow you to share graded quizzes to students through Google Drive in addition to the email option that has existed for a long time. Through Flubaroo you can send students a copy of their responses, a copy of the grading key, and their individual grades. To be clear, a student will only see his or her grade and quiz responses.

The other new feature in Flubaroo is an option to print individual grade reports for each student. The grade report contains the student’s grade and his or her quiz responses.

Watch the video below to see how the new Flubaroo features work.

Flubaroo also contains an automatic grading feature which will send students their grades almost as quickly as they complete a quiz. You can learn how to use that feature and more of Flubaroo’s advanced settings by visiting the Flubaroo help center.

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