Custom Webinars

7815239390_c258666c23_nIf you have ten or more faculty members that you want to participate in one of these webinars, a special schedule can be created just for you. We can cover any of the standard topics of Google Drive, Google Workspace for Edu, Making & Teaching With Video, Podcasting, and Google Earth or create a custom series of webinars just for you.

Custom Webinar Logistics:

1. Select one of the standard offerings or email Richard (richardbyrne (at) to discuss a custom webinar series for your faculty.

2. Select a schedule that works for your faculty. The standard webinar topics are formatted as three one-hour sessions. Typically, one meeting per week for three consecutive weeks is the preferred schedule.

3. Email Richard with a list of the people that will be participating in the webinars.

4. Each faculty member will receive a registration confirmation email that they will use to join the webinar.

cc licensed ( BY SA ) flickr photo by archer10 (Dennis):