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Three Google Gemini Tips
Tip of the week

Three Google Gemini Tips

Earlier this month Google rebranded Bard to Gemini. Why they did that isn’t terribly important (presumably to be able to monetize it better). What is important is that you know Gemini offers the same functionality as Bard. On that note, here are a few functions of Gemini that are helpful to teachers and students.  Draft…

Search in the Age of AI
Tip of the week

Search in the Age of AI

In Teaching Search Strategies to History Students I wrote about the importance of identifying the goal of a research task before ever typing a query into a search box. I was reminded of that last week when someone asked me “what does the research process look like in the age of AI?” My short answer…

Three Quick Quiz Tips
Tip of the week

Three Quick Quiz Tips

A couple of weeks ago I shared a few ways to speed up the process of giving your students meaningful feedback when they take a quiz or submit a writing assignment. (If you missed that newsletter, you can see it here). This week I have some tips for quickly creating quizzes and similar assignments.  Repurpose…

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