Three Google Gemini Tips

Earlier this month Google rebranded Bard to Gemini. Why they did that isn’t terribly important (presumably to be able to monetize it better). What is important is that you know Gemini offers the same functionality as Bard. On that note, here are a few functions of Gemini that are helpful to teachers and students. 

Draft Outlines and Export Them to Google Docs

Give Gemini a prompt like “outline the causes of the American Revolution in terms elementary students understand” and it will give you an outline. That outline could be helpful in building a more detailed outline with your students and or for outlining your lesson plans on the topic. You can export the outline Gemini creates to Google Docs where you can easily edit it for your needs. That process and more is demonstrated here

Summarize a Video

On the topic of outlines, many YouTube videos now have chapter designations automatically added to them. Those chapters are useful in creating an outline or summary of a video. You can get a more detailed summary by putting a YouTube link into Gemini and asking it to create a summary. Gemini will then create a written summary of the spoken words in a video. Take a look at this video to see that process.

Create Quizzes About Videos

Gemini will create quiz questions based on any block of text that you provide to it. That includes transcripts of YouTube videos. Simply take the transcript of a YouTube video, place it into Gemini, and then give a prompt like “create multiple choice questions about the following text.” If you’re not sure where to find the transcript of a YouTube video or you want to see the whole process from start to finish, watch this demo

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