Wednesday Webinars

Wednesday Webinars is a series of one-hour webinars designed to give you practical ideas that you can use in your classroom right away.

Each webinar will provide you with five concrete ideas that you can use as your own in your classroom. You will learn how to use the free ed tech tools necessary to conduct each activity by participating in each webinar. Unlike many webinars in which you just sit back and watch, in these webinars you will have an opportunity to participate in hands-on activities as if you were a student in my classroom. All webinars take place at 4pm EST. If scheduling doesn’t allow you to participate live, don’t worry because every webinar is recorded and emailed to everyone who registers.

Wednesday Webinar topics and dates:

Search Strategies Students Need to Know – Now available on demand.

Fun Formative Assessments – Now available on demand.

Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners – Now available on demand. Purchase the recording and the corresponding handout here.


Quick & Powerful Video Projects – Now available on demand. Purchase a recording and the corresponding handouts here on the Practical Ed Tech e-store.

Winning Blog Strategies – Now available on demand. You can purchase the recording and handouts through the PracticalEdTech e-store.

YouTube, It’s Not Just Cats & Khan Academy – Now available on demand. Purchase the recording and handouts here.

Click on a title to learn more about each webinar. 

Your registration includes access to the live webinar, a downloadable recording of the webinar, and PDF handouts to help you use technology in your classroom.

Special offer!

You can now download the first three webinars in the series for just $25! That’s savings of $20 compared to purchasing them individually. 

Nice Things People Have Said About My Webinars

Hi Richard, Thanks again for training. I’m starting to feel comfortable with the basics at least and as I continue using the platform, I’m sure I will catch on even quicker. When you get a chance, could I get a certificate of the hours? Thanks, my instructional technology license requires the PD hours. Thanks again, and I’m sure I will be taking another training with you.

K. O’Leary

I’d take another course from you anytime. You are very knowledgeable, and your experience in the classroom “makes it real.”

Thanks so much,

Again, thank you very much for this wonderful course. I will have to train teachers in the coming year and this will be very useful.It was a very enjoyable experience and I will be on the look for more training opportunities from you.
S. Landete