Making and Teaching With Animated Explanations

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Enroll in this self-paced course to learn why animations are great teaching and learning tools, how you and your students can make animations, and how you can apply your new skills to other multimedia projects. 

Planning Guides, Sample Rubrics, and More

Throughout the course you’ll receive handouts to download, keep, and share with your students.

Five Lessons to Complete Your Pace

Every lesson includes written materials, references, and video tutorials.

  • Big Picture(s)
  • Creating from Drawings
  • Stills to Animations
  • Narrated Animations
  • Programmed Animations


  • Do I need to be able to draw?
    • No. If you can make a stick figure, you have all of the drawing skills you need.
  • Will I need to buy new software?
    • No. Everything done in the course can be done without purchasing any new software or apps.
  • Can I use my iPad? Can I use my Chromebook?
    • Yes and Yes!
Lesson 1 – Big Picture(s) Lesson 2 – Turning Drawings Into Animations Lesson 3 – Turning Stills Into Animations Lesson 4 – Creating Narrated Animations Lesson 5 – Programmed Animations