Winning Blog Strategies

blog-492184_640If you have ever started a blog only to see it slide out of view, this webinar is for you.

Based on ten years of blogging professionally and personally, in this interactive webinar we will look at the reasons why so many blogs don’t last long and what you can do to make yours work. Whether blogging is a classroom activity that you do with students or a personal activity that you’re doing to enhance your professional life, you’ll learn strategies to make your blog a winner.

The recording of this webinar along with handouts is now available on demand. You can purchase the recording and handouts through the PracticalEdTech e-store.

In this webinar you will learn:

The biggest mistakes people make when starting a blog.

Strategies for developing blog topics

How to get people to stay on your blog longer (the longer they stay, the better).

Blogging activities you can do with your students.

Techniques to encourage people to interact with you and your blog.

The recording is now available to purchase and view on-demand.

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This webinar was held live on December 14th at 4pm EST.

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