Blogging for Teachers and School Leaders

blog-92132_640Blogging isn’t new and it isn’t as flashy as say iPads in the classroom, but it is a very valuable activity for students, teachers, and school leaders. In fact, I think that too often it is under-utilized by teachers and school leaders. One cause that under-utilization is due in part to not having a clear strategy for implementation. Another reason for under-utilization of blogs is a lack of understanding of just how many ways blogs can be used by students, teachers, and school leaders. Of all the presentations that I give and workshops that I run every year blogging is my favorite topic. Blogging is also the topic that I receive the most questions about in emails every week. To help teachers and school leaders develop an understanding of the many ways they can use blogs and to help them develop a strategy for implementation, I’ve developed a new Practical Ed Tech webinar series.


Blogging for Teachers and School Leaders is a three hour, two 90 minute parts, webinar series in which you will discover the many ways that blogs can be used in school and throught which you will develop a strategy for using blogs in your school. Blogging for Teachers and School Leaders will also cover the nuts and bolts of how to create, develop, and maintain a blog on Blogger and on WordPress-based platforms like Kidblog and Edublogs. And because we’re talking about blogging in the context of schools, we’ll take a look at common questions about privacy and digital footprints.


Blogging for Teachers and School Leaders is a three hour course divided into two 90 minute sessions. Enrollment in the course is limited to twenty-five people. The course does cost $87 per person. Downloadable recordings of each webinar will be available to all participants. Between each meeting participants will be able to participant in a discussion forum to ask questions and exchange ideas. Click here to register today. The course meets May 6 and May 13 from 7pm to 8:30pm EST.


FAQs About Practical Ed Tech Webinars

Q1. What type of computer and or software do I need in order to participate?

  • A1. You will need a Windows or Mac computer. GoToTraining is Java based. GoToTraining currently supports Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8. GoToTraining currently supports Mac OSX

Q2. If I miss a webinar or I am late to a webinar can I watch a recording of it?

  • A2. Yes, all webinars are recorded and those recordings are available within 18 hours of the completion of each live webinar.

Q3. Can I pay for a webinar using a check or purchase order from my school?

  • A3. Yes, but there is an additional $15 fee for invoicing and purchase order processing.

Q4. I have a bunch of teachers from my school that I want to enroll, how can I do that?

A4. If you have ten or more teachers from your school or district that you want to enroll there are a few benefits made available to you. First, we can schedule a webinar series just for you at a time that works best for you. Second, rather than registering each person individually you can just send me a list of those people and their email address and I’ll enroll them for you which will save you an hour or more of time. Third, if you are registering ten or more from the same school or district and you’re paying with a check or purchase order I’ll waive the purchase order processing fee which saves you a minimum of $150.