Practical Ed Tech Tip of the Week – Simple Video Editing

When Animoto hit the ed tech scene almost ten years ago, I instantly loved how easy it was to have my students create videos. It still is a great tool. However, after a while you’ll want your students to progress to a video editing tool that offers a little more refinement than what is found in Animoto and tools like it. That’s where video creation tools like Typito come into the picture. Typito provides you with options to control the length of time that each image in your video is displayed. Typito gives lots of options for font sizes, styles, and colors to layer over the images and clips in your video.

To get started on Typito you upload a picture or a video clip and then add a title for your project. After the initial file is uploaded you can upload more images and video clips. You can control how long each item is displayed in your video. Typito provides many options for placement of text over your images and videos as well as the style of the text that you use in your video. Finally, you can upload your own audio or use some of the music provided in the Typito library. Finished Typito videos can be downloaded to your computer, uploaded directly to your YouTube account, or shared via social media.

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If you’re interested in learning more about how to make videos, teach with videos, or you want to build a YouTube following, you’ll want to check out How to Teach With VideoHow to Teach With Video will be taught by Tom Richey, Keith Hughes, and myself. Tom and Keith are legends in the educational video space.

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