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How to Automatically Issue Certificates When Students Pass a Quiz

This is the time of year when a lot of teachers, principals, and coaches will be creating and issuing various certificates to students. Both Google Slides and PowerPoint offer templates for making certificates. You can customize any of those templates with word art, font changes, clip art, and color scheme alterations. If you want students to receive a certificate based on passing a quiz or you want to make anyone complete a form to request a certificate, you can do that through Google Forms.

The Google Forms Add-on called Certify’em makes it possible to not only give students their grades right away, it also issues them a certificate for passing the quiz. Watch my video embedded below to learn how to use Certify’em to automatically issue certificates to students when they pass a quiz in Google Forms. Not only can you use this system for giving certificates to students, you can also use this system to issue certificates on-demand in a professional development setting. Just make a Form that has just one question like “2+3=?” in addition to name and email address. Then as soon as the Form is submitted the requester will receive his/ her certificate.

Written directions for customizing your Certify’em certificates are available here.

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