FAQs About Practical Ed Tech Courses

Over the weekend I answered a bunch of questions about the two Practical Ed Tech courses that are starting next week. I figure that if even one person asks there are probably a few others who are curious about the same topic too. Here’s a list FAQs about the Practical Ed Tech courses that are starting this week.

1. Do I have to attend all of the live webinars?
No, you don’t have to attend all of the live webinars. If you miss one, you can go back and watch the recording that will be available a few hours after the conclusion of the live broadcast.

2. How long is each webinar?
Each webinar is scheduled for sixty minutes plus about fifteen minutes for Q&A.

3. Can I send you questions outside of the webinar times?
Absolutely, you can

4. Will the PD certificate count toward my license/ certificate renewal?
That’s a determination that you will have to make in consultation with your local regulating body. There are too many regulating bodies, rules, and nuances for me to make a definitive statement on whether or not the hours will count for your teaching license. (If you live in Maine, email me because I do have lots of first-hand experience with the Maine DOE).

5. I’ve never used G Suite for Education, will this be too advanced for me?
No, it won’t. The Getting Going With G Suite course is designed for beginners.

6. I teach K-3 students, are the concepts in Teaching History With Technology too advanced for them?
While most of the course content can be adapted for K-3, third grade is about the earliest age that I would start using the content and concepts of the course.

7. Is there homework?
There are suggested practice activities to do between webinars but they aren’t required.