Two Easy Ways to Publish Podcasts – And Ten Topics for Classroom Podcasts

Podcasting has made a resurgence in recent years. Many teachers are now including podcasting projects in their classrooms. Podcasting is good way for students to record and share interviews, to host a “call in” show, or to simply create an audio journal. Podcasting can also be a great way to have students record and publish their thoughts on news, sports, entertainment, or any discussion prompt that you give to them. A longer list of classroom podcast topics is available in this Google Doc.

When it comes to creating a classroom podcast there are two tools that I recommend today. Those are and Synth.

Podcasting With had a major overhaul of its web tools earlier this year. lets you record, edit, and publish from one place. And when it comes to publishing you can distribute your podcasts to Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts with just one click.  Watch this video to learn how to start podcasting on in less than six minutes.

Podcasting With Synth

Synth is a new service from Swivl (the same people that made Lets Recap). Synth is a free service that you can use to record short podcast episodes that are up to 256 seconds long. When you record your episode you can post it publicly for others to listen to and record their spoken responses to it. Listeners can also write responses. Synth will automatically transcribe your spoken words and display the transcript when your recording is played. Watch my tutorial video to learn how you can start podcasting with Synth in less than five minutes.

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