How and Why Students Should Make Storyboards

This summer I read a great article by Aaron Sherman about the history of storyboards. His article provided a nice overview of the origins of storyboards in the production of films. More importantly, it provided a list of case uses for storyboards in education today. In short, storyboards provide students with a simple way to outline projects, stories, and presentations.

A short list of ways for students to use storyboards:

  • To plan video projects.
  • To outline stories.
  • To develop presentation outlines.
  • To create a timeline of events.

How students can create storyboards:

Purpose-built services like Storyboard That and Make Beliefs Comix provide good models for students to follow to create storyboards. Both tools provide lots of pre-made artwork that students can drop-and-drag into storyboard frames. Using pre-made artwork takes the pressure off of students to make art and instead lets them focus on organizing their projects, stories, or presentations. A detailed overview of Storyboard That can be seen in the recording of this webinar that I hosted last fall.

If you would prefer that your students create their storyboards on paper, then Google Slides and PowerPoint provide simple templates that you can print. Watch this video to learn how to print a storyboard in Google Slides. Watch this video to learn how to print a storyboard from PowerPoint.

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