A Couple of Interesting Twists on Google Cardboard Viewers

A couple of days ago I was searching on Amazon for inexpensive Google Cardboard viewers. I need to buy a couple dozen of them for a workshop that I’m running next month. So like many people who need to buy a classroom set of Google Cardboard viewers, I was looking for the most affordable option. In my search I came across a couple of interesting variations on the standard Google Cardboard viewer.

I started out looking at ten packs of VeeR VR viewers. At a cost of $7.50/unit they’re not a bad deal at all. I’ve used the VeeR VR viewers before and I don’t have any complaints about them. So I was about to put them in my cart when Amazon’s magic algorithm suggested these $5.99 units. The $5.99 option included a little piece of felt that covers the space where your forehead rests against the viewer. Those are the ones that I ultimately purchased because that piece of felt should help avoid making the cardboard itself sweaty and oily over time. Take a look at the picture of my oldest cardboard viewer to see what I mean.

In my search I found a couple of other nice twists on the standard Google Cardboard viewer. The first was this $7.99 unit made by Samtung that has little suction cups built into it to held hold your phone in place. The second interesting option was this unit that essentially has a coloring book on the outside frame of it. At $12.99 it’s a little pricey, but none-the-less interesting.

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