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Presidents Day Sale! My On-demand Webinars are 50% Off

I host live webinars at least once per month throughout the year. For many reasons, attending live webinars doesn’t work for everyone. That’s why I make my most popular webinars available on-demand. Throughout Presidents Day weekend these on-demand webinars are 50% off! You can purchase these webinars at today’s sale price then watch them whenever it is convenient for you.

Purchase all the webinars on this page in one bundle for $47 until February 19th! Individually purchased these six webinars would usually cost $25 a piece or $150 for all six. Until February 19th you get everything on this page for just $47! Click here to purchase this package and start watching the webinars today.

5 Video Projects for Almost Every Classroom
In this one hour recorded webinar you will learn how to create and complete five video projects that can be done in almost any classroom. You’ll learn how your students can make animated videos, make documentary-style videos, and instructional videos. Examples from real students and teachers are shared in the webinar. In addition to the how-to element of the webinar planning, assessment, and privacy concerns are addressed. Purchase Here for $25 $12.50

Google Forms & Sheets for Beginners
In this webinar you will everything you need to know to get started using Google Forms and Google Sheets to streamline your workflow in grading quizzes, emailing parents and students, and keeping track of classroom materials. You will also learn how to build self-guided video review activities for your students. Google Forms and Sheets can complete all kinds of tasks for you, if you know how to use them. Once you’ve learned the basics of Google Forms and Google Sheets you will be amazed at how these powerful tools can streamline processes for you. Those streamlined processes can free up lots of time for you to spend on the fun aspects of teaching. Get started now for $25 $12.50.

Get Organized With Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep
Google Classroom, Calendar, and Keep are core products of G Suite for Education. When used correctly, these three core products can help you and your students get organized and stay organized throughout the school year. Watch this video to improve workflow, organize important class resources, and stay on track with due dates. Purchase this recorded webinar for $25 $12.50.

Ten Search Strategies Students Need to Know
In Ten Search Strategies Students Need To Know you will learn why informational searches are the hardest types of Internet searches for students to conduct. You will learn how to help students break-down complex search topics into manageable pieces and then put the whole picture together. You’ll learn how to help your students save students tons of time by thinking before searching. And you’ll learn how to develop instructional search challenge activities to use with students of any age. Click here to purchase this recorded webinar for $12.50

Introduction to AR & VR in Education
Take a look at any ed tech blog or magazine today and you’re bound to see an article about virtual reality or augmented reality. You might think that these are new technologies but they’ve actually been used in education for more than two decades. What’s different today is that it is easier and cheaper than ever to bring virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) into your classroom. In this webinar you will learn how you can use these powerful technologies in your classroom. Purchase this webinar here for $25 $12.50.

5 Ways to Blend Technology Into Outdoor Lessons
The technology that our students use the most in their daily lives is designed to be mobile. Use that mobile technology to create learning experiences that extend beyond your classroom walls. Whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter there is an outdoor learning experience available for you and your students. In this recorded webinar you’ll learn five ways that you can incorporate technology into outdoor lessons. Click here to watch this recorded webinar today.