How to Create and Publish Your Own Mobile Apps in Minutes

Glide is a free tool for making your own mobile apps. It’s a tool that has quickly risen to the top of my list of favorite tools for teachers and students. It’s a tool that we’ll spend time using during the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp. With Glide anyone who can make a spreadsheet in Google Sheets can make his or her own mobile app.

The process of creating your own mobile app through Glide begins with creating a Google Sheets spreadsheet. Each column header that you put into your spreadsheet will become a section in your mobile app when you publish it through Glide. The information that you add into the cells below each column header will be displayed in your app’s sections. If you include video links, audio links, or image links your spreadsheet, those pieces of media will be displayed in your app.

Once you have made your Google Sheets spreadsheet, sign-up for a free Glide account and connect it to your Google account. You’ll then import your spreadsheet into Glide. Once those two steps are done Glide will make your app in a minute or less. Glide will provide you with a preview of your app. If you like the preview, publish the app. Glide provides links and QR codes that you can distribute in order for people to access your new mobile app.

Watch my video to see the whole process of creating a mobile app through Glide.

As mentioned above, Glide is one of the tools that we’ll be exploring in depth during the Practical Ed Tech Summer Camp. I’d love to have you join us! Only six seats are left. You can register here.