Six Styles of Classroom Video Projects – And Tools for Making Them

Creating videos can be a fun way for students to show what they know, to reflect, to ask questions, and to spark conversation. Making a video is often a good way to get students to invest a little extra effort to research and revise to make a product they’re proud to show off to parents and friends.
But if you have never facilitated video creation in your classroom, choosing the right style of video and the right tools can be a bit confusing at first.

To help you understand the various styles of video projects that you can do with your students, I have a rather simple outline that I use in my video creation workshops. That outline of video project styles with suggested tools for creating videos in each style is included in the PDF embedded below. If you cannot see the PDF, a Google Docs copy is available here.

All of these project styles will be covered in detail in my upcoming course, Making & Teaching With Video.