How to Use Google Books for Research

Google Books is one of the search tools that is often overlooked by students. When students are shown how to use Google Books it can become a valuable search tool for them. That’s why I always include in my workshops on teaching search strategies.

Google recently released a new user interface for Google Books. The older interface is also still available for those who don’t want to change, yet. In the following videos I provide overviews of how to use the old version and the new version of Google Books.

How to Use the New Version of Google Books

How to Use the Classic Version of Google Books

I’ve used Google Books with students as young sixth grade age. And for those of you who teach younger students, Google Books can be a good place to find works that are in the public domain to download and print for your students.

Google Books is one of the tools that is often featured in my Teaching History With Technology course. The next session of that course is starting on June 4th. Register here.