“How to” and “What to do”

Getting Going With G Suite is the most popular course that I teach every year. Just like tools within G Suite the course evolves every year. In fact, when I started teaching the course G Suite didn’t exist. Back then it was just called Google Drive. Next week I’m releasing the latest version of the course.

Through all of the iterations of Getting Going With G Suite one piece of feedback has remained consistent. That feedback is that people appreciate that the course is not just a “how to” but offers “what to do” too. My goal with the course has always been to help teachers figure out what to do with the tools that are available to them through G Suite for Education. To that end I include activities that you can easily duplicate and modify to use in your classroom.

There are plenty of places to find how to videos about G Suite tools, (my YouTube channel has 300 of them) but just watching those videos without having a plan or idea on what to do with them in your classroom is a challenge. That’s why Getting Going With G Suite offers “what to do” along with “how to.”

The new version of Getting Going With G Suite will be to view on-demand starting next Tuesday, September 3rd. Sign-up here to be notified when it’s available and you’ll save 30%.