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Tips for Improving Document Accessibility and More – A Handout

A couple of months ago I published an article about improving the accessibility of Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations. That article was an excerpt from a handout that I’ve been working on this fall. I finally finished this weekend. It is document that is a seven pages long and outlines accessibility tools that we can use in documents, slides, videos, and on websites.

In Tools to Improve the Accessibility of Documents, Slides, Videos, and Websites I explain how to use accessibility features in the four most popular web browsers. I then go on to explain how to improve the accessibility of PowerPoint and Google Slides presentations. The third section of the handout covers improving the accessibility of videos that you use in your classroom. The fourth section covers accessibility options in Google Docs and Word documents. And the handout wraps-up with some notes about Microsoft’s Immersive Reader tool. Links to tutorial videos like this one are included in the handout as well.

You can get a Google Docs copy of the handout right here. A PDF copy is available through the link below.